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Scanning Services & Electronic Records Management

Digital Advantage Document Scanning

Where to start:

Digital Advantage provides digital scanning services and Electronic Records Management systems to help customers manage their documents in a secure and efficient fashion. Whether you have 200 or 200,000 documents, Digital Advantage, with our high speed equipment and expertise in document management, can provide you with a search-able digital form, in a storage format that is compatible with your current business practices. All sizes of documents from regular letter size to wide-format engineering prints are no problem for our team of experts.



Pricing varies from job to job based on many factors, (number of documents, quality of the images, etc.) Please contact our office to learn more about our pricing schedule.

The backlog of files are archived, now what?

After converting all of your historical documents to their digital form, Digital Advantage can assist your business in managing future documents with our Electronic Record Management software and hardware . We can train your employees or provide an ongoing service, to keep you and your documents organized.

Whether it is medical records, client files, engineering documents or day to day administration documents, we can scan them all for you in a timely, and orderly fashion to help you achive your goal of going paperless, sooner! Not only can Digital Advantage save you time, but can also save your business over 50%!

Click here to find links and white papers from Canada Revenue Agency.


Most companies, and medical practices, are now trying to move towards operating in a paperless environment. A key step towards this goal is the conversion of important historical documents, images and technical drawings to a digital form (ex. .pdf, .jpeg, .tiff, etc.) so that they can be integrated into your new management systems. Digital Advantage, with its high-speed scanners, software and technical know-how, can convert and integrate or archive all of your documents efficiently and easily to fit your existing business model. Here are some reasons as to why digital archiving and ERM are beneficial:

  1. Easily accessible for all authorized employees, while improving security for confidential documents 

  2. Preservation for the future, or in case of a natural disaster (flood, fire, etc.) 

  3. Conserve office space by being able to move paper documents off-site for storage.  

  4. Streamline work flow and decision making processes with easy access to information 

  5. No more misplaced files

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