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FlexPBX Managed PBX Phone Solution from Digital Advantage

 The FlexPBX Managed Phone Solution from Digital Advantage is one of the leading choices for both small and medium sized companies looking for a new or replacement business phone system solution.

Organizations from many different sectors including not-for-profit businesses such as Habitat for Humanity Sarnia-Lambton and Evangel Community Church in Chatham, and insurance brokers and construction companies such as Leaf Garden Design are benefiting from the flexible, FlexPBX by Digital Advantage to power their daily communications. Digital Advantage manages the system and allows companies to avoid the headaches of older analog PBX systems, and ultimately improve their bottom line. If you need service, we are always available to help you. 


"Our monthly costs dropped from $800.00 / month, to $160.00 / month."
- Geoff Dale, Robert E. Dale Ltd.

"Digital Advantage will save our office, $260.00 per month. A 67% savings compared to Bell!"
- Jay Passingham, H.E. Passingham Insurnace Brokers Ltd.



Eliminate your outdated, overpriced business phone lines

Harnessing the power of technology eliminates the need for expensive business phone lines or license fees. FlexPBX Managed Phone Solution includes over 50 enterprise-grade features, and we are always adding additional features and upgrades at no cost or disturbance to our customers.


 Save Up To 80% With FlexPBX Managed Phone Solution

 FlexPBX Managed Phone Solution is a business phone system with over 50 features, free business phone lines, private network access and continuous support. It can save businesses up to 80% on their monthly telecom bills. FlexPBX Managed Phone Solution by Digital Advantage offers "business class" service for lower rates than businesses typically pay.

When searching for a phone system it can be hard to prioritize value over cost, and in the past no other service provider has been able to combine those two components, without compromising one or the other.

FlexPBX Managed Phone Solution

  • Eliminate the cost of business phone lines, including long-distance in Canada and Continental US
  • Eliminate expensive support contracts
  • Eliminate the need for dedicated IT phone system personnel
  • Reduce or eliminate the costs of mobile long distance charges

Feature Savings

  • Eliminate the cost of conference bridging
  • Eliminate the monthly cost of per feature billing
  • Eliminate the cost of voicemail
  • Eliminate phone extension costs

With a wide range of flexible financing options, FlexPBX Managed Phone Solution reduces telecom costs, while creating value and ensuring reliability.

To inquire about pricing visit the Contact us page and have one of our staff come to your office to conduct an initial assessment of your current system.


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